DESCRIPTION: Pure Acrylic binder based, interior painted decorative interior design.

CHARACTERISTIC:Arteco, which allows for facade designs, creates antique and serene spaces thanks to antique designs. It allows multiple colors to be processed on top of each other. Due to its water-based nature, it does not harm human health and environment.

APPLICATION SURFACES:Arteco can be applied on a wide range of  interior old painted surfaces such as as concrete, plaster, black plaster, betopan, glass textured and paintable wallpaper.


Structure: Pure acrylic

Consumption:  12–18 m²/ kg, 70-110 (g/m2)

Thinning Ratio: Ready-to-use, No thinning.

Drying: Touch dry: after 15-20 minutes, Dust repulsive: after 1 hour, Hard dry: after 24 hours.

SURFACE PREPARATION:The application surface should be free from all kinds of dust, dirt and oil. A clean, dry and solid surface should be obtained after lightly smoothing the entire surface of the blistered and old painted surfaces. If the surface is not flat, a smooth surface should be obtained with Silkcoat Dahili Acrylic Paste for application of Arteco. If the surface to be applied is flattened with gypsum plaster, Silkcoat İzolac should be used on the surface before application of Arteco, Silkcoat Universal Primer should be used on smooth, old painted, dirty or synthetic painted surfaces, and Silkcoat Putty Primer should be applied on surfaces with putty application. Once the primer application is dry, Arteco is applied in two layers on the floor. Wait at least 2 hours between coats. Arteco is applied to the area of ​​10-20 m2 with the help of roller or brush and then the sponge is patterned and different tools can be used for different textures and designs. In the same way, the other surfaces finish gradually. To obtain a nebulous image, the patterned Arteco is done over the application surface with a clean sponge close to the foundation. Tools should be cleaned immediately after application. Before using Arteco it should be mixed until it becomes completely homogenous. Ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 35ºC during application and product drying. If applied on very bright and glassy surfaces, a solid surface should be formed by smoothing the surface first to ensure better adhesion.

CAUTION: -Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash  with plenty of water. -Preserve in a tightly closed container. -Keep above  the reach of children -Do not dump into sewer system.

STORAGE: STORAGE Keep  at a cool and clean place away from sun light. İt can be stored  unopened 1 year  at room temperature.

PACKAGING: 10kg, 3kg, 1kg PE Bucket.

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