Class Plastic

DESCRIPTION: Acrylic copolymer binder-based, matt outward looks, water based, interior final coat paint.

CHARACTERISTIC: -Healthy and environmental friendly -High covering ability. -Breathable -Matt smooth outward looking, colourfast for years

APPLICATION SURFACES: After surface preparation, Class Plastic can be applied on a wide range of interior surfaces such as old painted surfaces, concrete, plaster, rendering, cement board, wallpaper, glass textile etc.


Content: Styrene Acrylic

Consumption: Single coat: 13- 16  (m²/ lt), 90-130 (gr/m²)

Thinner: Water

Thinning Ratio: %10-15

Drying: Touch Dry: after 15-20 min, Dust repulsive: after 1 hour, Hard dry: after 24 hours

Viscosity: 125 KU ± 10   (  23 º C )

pH: 8 – 9 (25 º C)

Density: 1,56 ± 0,02 (gr / ml)

Solids Content: %67±2

Wet Rubbing Power: Class 2

Covering Power: Class 2 ( 8 m²/tl )

Grain Size: Class S1 thin

Brilliance: Class G3 matt

Thickness of dry coat: ( 30 ± 5 ) micron

Thickness of wet coat: ( 60 ± 5 ) micron

SURFACE PREPARATION:– The surface must be cleared of any oil, dirt or dust. Swollen and old paintings must be scraped off. The surface must be clean, dry and solid -Hollows and cracks should be filled with Silkcoat Dâhili Akrilik Macun in case of necessity. -On the surfaces which are absorbent or were not painted before should be obtained by applying Silkcoat Izolac. Old and synthetic painted or dirty surfaces should be obtained by applying Silkcoat Universal Astar, On the surfaces which has been puttied should be obtained by applying Silkcoat Macun Astarı(Putty Primer).                                               

APPLICATION:-The paint should be thinned 10-15% with clean water and applied with roller, brush or spraying in two coats. -Leave 2 hours between coats depending on weather conditions. -After application tools should be cleaned with water.

APPLICATION DETAILS:-On new painted surfaces, make Sure that Surface has waited about 28 days before application. -Paint should be completely mixed so that it is homogenous. -Ambient and surface temperature should be between +5 and +35 degrees during the application and product drying season. -Gloss and glasslike Surfaces should be rubbed before application to obtain better adhesive and a healthy Surface.

CAUTION: – S2: Keep out of the reach of children. – S24/25: Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash with plenty of water. – S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label – Preserve in a tightly closed container. – Do not dump into the sewer system.

STORAGE:  Keep at a cool and clean place away from sun light. It can be stored unopened 1 year at room temperature.

PACKAGING: 15 lt, 7,5 lt, 2,5 lt PE Bucket

QUALITY CERTIFICATE: Found complying as per TSE 5808 Conditions.

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