Elasticoat Silikonlu

DESCRIPTION: Pure Acrylic binder based silicone additifs, silky matte appearance exterior paint.

CHARACTERISTIC:Elasticoat Silicone Paint, which has a silky matte appearance, is modified with silicone resin and has superior water repellency and elasticity. Thanks to the silicon additive, it helps isolation and high resistance to external factors. Resistant to sunlight. It is easy to apply and allows the surface to breathe.

APPLICATION SURFACES: Can be applied on all kinds of cleaned exterior and interior surfaces.


Structure: Pur acrylique

Consommation: Revêtement unique: 6- 10 (m² / lt), 100-170 (g / m2)

Diluant: l’eau

Taux de dilution:% 10 -15 d’eau

Densité: 1,38 ± 0,05 (g / ml)

Séchage: Sécher au toucher: après 1 heure; Sechage complet: après 5-6 heures

Viscosité: 115 KU ± 5 (23 º C)

pH: 8 – 9

SURFACE PREPARATION: The application surface should be free from all kinds of dust, rust, dirt, oil and old paint residues. The surface cracks should be smoothed with Silkcoat External Putty, then applied with Silkcoat Silicone Primer to obtain a clean, dry and solid surface. Elasticoat Silicone Paint is diluted with 20-30% of the first layer and 10-15% of the second layer and applied in 2 layers by roller, brush or spray method. Wait at least 2 hours between coats depending on the air temperature. Tools should be cleaned immediately after the application. For new coated surfaces, at least 28 days must be waited for the application of paint to the surface. The paint should be mixed until it is completely homogenous before use. Ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 35ºC during application and product drying. If applied on very bright and glassy surfaces, a solid surface should be formed by smoothing the surface first to ensure better adhesion.

CAUTION: -Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash  with plenty of water. -Preserve in a tightly closed container. -Keep above  the reach of children -Do not dump into sewer system.

STORAGE:  Keep  at a cool and clean place away from sun light. İt can be stored  unopened 1 year  at room temperature.

PACKAGING: 15 lt, 2,5 lt PE Bucket

Poz No: Y.25.004/04, Y.25.004/09

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