Çolakoğlu Yapı, founded in İstanbul Bahçelievler in 1961, has been growing steadily in the construction sector for more than half a century. As Çolakoğlu Group, we have achieved our targets when compared to 2015 thanks to the fact that all of our incorporated companies are in the construction sector.

Our manufacturing companies within the structure of Çolakoğlu Group are; Silkcoat BoyaÇolakoğlu BetonÇolakoğlu İnşaat and Anadolu Mikronize.

Silkcoat which was established in 1993 and operating withing the Group, started its manufacturing activities with silk plaster, then has become a company exporting to 62 countries by adding mineral plaster, construction paints, synthetic paints, varnishes, decorative exterior wall coatings, effect interior paints and Silkoterm Exterior Thermal Insulation System in its manucaturing activity.
Silkcoat today continues to produce quality products for the world paint market with its facilities in Istanbul, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Guinea, Mauritania, Iraq, Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Pakistan,  Tajikistan and Tanzania. As our target until 2025, we intend to contribute to Turkish economy and reach our well-deserved place by making production in 20 facilities in the world.

Çolakoğlu Group entering ready-mixed concrete sector with the name Çolakoğlu Beton, put 400.000 m³/year capacity ready-mixed concrete facility into customers’ service in 2007 in Kirac.

Turkey’s biggest calcite facility in single mill with capacity of 300.000 tons/year, Anadolu Mikronize which is our subsidiary began production in 2008 in Nigde.

Çolakoğlu İnşaat, has been serving in various cities for villas, business centers and housing construction for nearly 20 years, has completed VADISEHIR and MOSTARLIFE projects.

As Çolakoğlu Yapı, we continue our construction materials (concrete, iron, brick, cement, sand, gravel, plaster, ytong, bims, paint, jacketing, ceramic, armature, construction chemicals, etc.) wholesale which started in 1961 and we increase our targets everyday.


Distinguished Silkcoat Family;

Silkcoat Paint, started production in 1993 in Catalca, Istanbul continues its activities with enthusiasm in the first day it began production with Turkey’s widest range of products in this sector and export to 52 countries.

Our company, which is one of the important companies of Turkish paint industry and started to keep this flag flying with silk plaster (silk and coat) production, has established new production facilities in Uzbekistan in 2007, in Tajikistan in 2011 and in Mauritania in 2013 and created employment in those countries by choosing to meet the high demand. Afterwards, we proceed on our way with 9 domestic and foreign facilities in Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Guinea, Pakistan.


As a result of our policies related to our activities abroad, we continue our surveys to establish production facility in new countries. Our surveys in Qatar and Nigeria continue and I can herald you that you will see SILKCOAT production facilities in different countries anytime soon.

Dear Friends;

In addition to producing the most qualified products both at home and abroad and presenting them to our customers, it is our priority to follow the principles of the era and to place the Silkcoat quality culture.

Silkcoat Paint is decisive an determined to continue its activities with respect to environment and in accordance with laws, commercial and moral values with you precious Silkcoat Family with a great eagerness and enthusiasm.


Board Chairman of Colakoglu Group


Our company, which is producing Paint and Exterior Coatings, aims to meet customer expectations. We can achieve this basic quality policy only by establishing and developing a quality system that meets the expectations and needs of the customer, training for existing personnel, continuous protective and preventive maintenance for machinery and equipment, a strong sales organization, support and participation of all personnel in the quality system.
Customer needs and complaints will be recorded quickly by our sales organization, these needs will be evaluated in our facility.

Thus, our company will compete for leardership in quality in the country and abroad, and will increase its market share by constantly ensuring product reliability and fulfilling environmental protection commitments.


As Silkcoat Paint, in addition to producing high quality and competitive production in accordance with our general corporate philosophy, we accept that protecting the environment with the consciousness that future generation s will live in our world in accordance with legal regulations and moral rules is part of our business.
Our objective in this context;
-To continue our understanding of producing and offering environmentally and human health firendly products in the products and services we will produce.
-Environment Protection being the main purpose, to ensure recycling, gain back to economy, to use energy and natural resources efficiently.
– To protect the balance based on the protection of the environment by using environmentally friendly and ecocredential inputs and raw materials,
-To implement policies that do not harm environment in new investments and product designs and respect the necessary planning, training, seminar etc.
–To make our employees and customers respect environment and show sensitivity to enviroment policies and interact in supporting and preventive aspects of our environment policy.
Thus, creating a synergy with the objectives and targets of the Environmental Management System and carrying it out in a sustainable way are among the objectives of our companies.

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