DESCRIPTION: acrylic copolymer binder based, matt apparence, decorative coating for interior walls.

CHARACTERISTICS:Silkofarit, which has a matt appearance, gives a textured decorative image to the applied surface. Minimizes plaster and surface defects. It is economical. Because it has water-based structure, it does not harm human health and environment.

APPLICATION SURFACES: Can be applied on ready plaster, gas concrete, putted surfaces, prefabricated constructions, wood, chipboard, gypsum, panel sheets.


Structure: Styrene Acrylic

Consumption: 1,5-2 (m2 / lt), 800-1200 (g / m2)

Thinning ratio: Ready to use.

Density: 1.65 ± 0.05 (g / ml)

Wet Scrub Resistance: Class 5 (TS EN 13300)

Covering force: Class 2 (8 m2 / lt) (TS EN 13300)

Grain size: Class S2 (TS EN 13300)

Brightness: Class G4 (TS EN 13300)

Resistance to Mold Growth: K2

Application tools: applied as spray

Drying: Touch 15-20 minutes, dry 24 hours.


The application surface should be free from all kinds of dust, dirt and oil. The blistered and old painted surfaces are scraped and the defects and cracks on the surface are filled with Silkcoat Acrylic Exterior paste and smoothed and a clean, dry and solid surface is obtained. Silkofarit, ready to use, is applied by spraying with a spray gun. Ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 35ºC during application and product drying.


S2: Keep out of the reach of children.

S24 / 25: Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately; Show the container or label.

Store the product in a tightly closed container.

Do not pour into the sewer.


Storage life is 1 year in room conditions.


25 kg PE bucket.

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