Silkroad – Yol Boyası

DESCRIPTION: Alkyd resin based floor paint.

PROPERTIES AND TYPICAL USE: Formulated for applications; resistant to atmospheric conditions and friction. Forms an elastic hard film, excellently binds to the applied surfaces. Used as a ground marking paint on asphalt roads, exposed concrete, car parks, pavements, sport facilities, factories etc.

SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface of application must be clean and dry. The paint should be applied into a depth of 0.5-1 cm scrapped prior to application on the surface to form a level.

THINNING: 5ñ 10% for rollers, air and non-air spray guns, and application machines; use floor paint thinner.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Content: Alkyd Resin. Consumption: 0.900 kg/m2 (125-um dry film thickness) for single layer, depending on surface condition.

Thinner: Floor Paint Thinner.

Thinning Ratio: 10%

Drying: (20°C, 65% RH), Set-to-touch: 5 min.

Dust-dry: 30 min., Through dry: 1 hour.

STORAGE: Stored 1 year in its unopened container, away from sunlight, and at room temperature.

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