Stone Guard

Product Description: can be thinned with water, it is a mixture solventless emulsion, silane and siloxane. Stone Guard is a general purpose water repellent and provides excellent protection and integration to mineral surfaces, brick, plaster pen. İt is applied as top coat protection.



Stone Guard, which reduces capillary sucking on the buildings and allows a good breathing to the building, is very resistant to alkaline. The water repellent Stone Guard remains stable when diluted. Penetrates very well on the surface and increases the adhesion of the paint. Due to its water-based structure, it does not harm human health and environment.


Application surfaces:

It is applied on all kinds of natural stone, mineral surfaces, coatings and paints.


Technical Data:

Structure: Silicone

Consumption: 70-80 (m² / lt), 15-25 (g / m2)

Thinner: Water

Thinning Ratio: 1 to 7

Drying: Touch: 15-20 minutes, Full: 4-5 hours.

Density: 1 ± 0.05 (g / ml)



It is applied in a single layer by diluting to Natural stones, mineral surfaces 1: 7; and 1:11 to the coating group surfaces. For new coated surfaces, at least 28 days must be waited for the application of paint to the surface. The paint should be mixed until it is completely homogenous before use. The ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 35ºC during application and product drying. If applied on very bright and glassy surfaces, a solid surface should be formed by smoothing the surface first to ensure better adhesion.



S2: Keep out of the reach of children.

S24 / 25: Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately; Show the container or label.

Store the product in a tightly closed container.

Do not pour into the sewer.


Storage: In a cool, clean and dry environment, the product can be stored for a minimum of 1 year without opening the door of the cabinet, without exposure to direct sunlight.


Package: 1 kg PE bucket.

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