Süper Primer

DESCRIPTION: Vinyl acrylic copolymer binder based, silicone additives, water based isolation material and primer for both exterior and interior walls.  

CHARACTERISTIC:-High water resistant, durable primer for exterior and interior surfaces -Minimum consumption. -Surfaces can never be penetrated by damp and surface requires less paint while application. -Prevents cracks between architraves and wallsand leaking on bathroom and toilet.  -Durable isolation material which prevents humidity particularly on surrounding walls in basements.

APPLICATION AREAS: İt is used for isolation on exterior and interior surfaces ,to prevent humidity on exerior surfaces, cracks and leaking constituted on terraces, architraves, bathroom and toilets, holes appearing between the walls and windows.


Content: Vinyl acrylic copolymer

Consumption:  1lt of Super Primer has to be thinned with 7lt of water; then 60- 100 m2 area can be primed depending on absorption of surface. 15-25 (g/m2).

Thinner: Water

Thinning Ratio: In case of being used as an exterior primer, 1lt of the paint should be thinned with 5lt of water, if used as an interior primer : 1lt to be thinned with 7lt of water.  When it is used  as isolation material 1lt should be thinned with 2lt of water.

Density: 1, 05 ± 0,02 ( g / ml )

Drying: ( at 20°C and  %50 humidity) after 1 hour

pH: 4- 4,5

SURFACE PREPARATION:-The surface must be cleared of any oil, dirt or dust. Swollen and old paintings must be scraped off. Surface must be clean, dry and solid. -Hollows and cracks should be filled with Silkcoat Dâhili Akrilik Macun in case of necessity.
APPLICATION:-Super Primer can be applied on both new and old painted surfaces. -Provides durability to the new paint imposing upon surface .

APPLICATION DETAILS: –Synthetic topcoat paint which has high tension should never be applied on the surfaces where Super Primer has been applied. Otherwise, over time it may cause thin cracks on applied surface.-In case of using as isolation material, dont apply the paint on Super Primer. -Super Primer should never be used without thinning.

CAUTION:– S2: Keep out of the reach of children.- S24/25: Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash with plenty of water.- S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label- Preserve in a tightly closed container. – Do not dump into the sewer system.

STORAGE: Keep  at a cool and clean place away from sun light. It can be stored  unopened 1 year  at room temperature.

PACKAGING: 15 lt, 2,5 lt PE Bucket.

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