SX 2000

DESCRIPTION: Acrylic copolymer binder based, water based transparent surface protection varnish,

CHARACTERISTIC: By its strong binding property, it prevents the paint absorption on the surface and allows the paint to be integrated with the surface and to adhere well to the surface of the paint. It prevents water permeability thanks to the film layer that it creates. Prevents premature drying and reduces paint consumption to a minimum. Due to its water-based structure, it does not harm human health and environment.

APPLICATION SURFACES:Newly constructed surfaces can be applied to absorbent and dusting surfaces such as raw plaster, fine plaster, eternite, gross concrete, asbestos plaster, satin plaster, gypsum board.


Structure: Stirene acrylic

Consumption: Single coat: 6 – 10  (m²/ lt), 120-180 (g/m2)

Thinner: Water

Thinning Ratio: %60 –  70

Density: 1,03 ± 0,02 gr / ml

Drying: Touch dry: after 15-20 minutes, Dust repulsive: after 1 hour, Hard dry: after 24 hours

pH: 8 – 9

Thickness of dry coat: ( 20 ± 5 ) micron

Thickness of wet coat: ( 40 ± 5 ) micron

APPLICATION: The application surface should be free from all kinds of dust, dirt and oil. A clean, dry and solid surface should be obtained after lightly smoothing the entire surface of the blistered and old painted surfaces. If necessary, defects and cracks on the surface should be repaired with Silkcoat Dahili Acrylic Putty. After cleaning the surface, the SX 2000 can be applied. SX 2000 is diluted with 60-70% of clean water and applied as a single layer by brush, spray or spray method. Tools should be cleaned immediately after application. For new coated surfaces, at least 28 days must be waited for the application of paint to the surface. The SX 2000 should be mixed until it is completely homogenous before use. Ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 35ºC during application and product drying.

CAUTION: -Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash  with plenty of water. -Preserve in a tightly closed container. -Keep above  the reach of children -Do not dump into sewer system.

STORAGE: Keep  at a cool and clean place away from sun light. İt can be stored  unopened 1 year  at room temperature.

PACKAGING: 15 lt, 5lt, 2,5 lt PE Bucket.

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